Two Mantra of Successful Entrepreneur by Chad Storey

Chad Storey
3 min readNov 13, 2021


  • The Power of Taking Responsibility for Failure.

In the era of the ‘creed of greed’ philosophy where money, power, and position is sort of everything today few leaders still believe the concept of ‘Serve to Lead’. Yes, trust me such leaders do exist. they’re categorized as Great leaders who willingly make personal sacrifices and accept responsibilities for organizational failures.

Chad Storey demonstrated achievement in gaining market share and growing revenue against strong competitors. He is Well-versed in the US and International customer development and relationship building.

They put the interest of the common good- their stakeholders which incorporates employees, government, customers, creditors, directors, suppliers, unions and also the overall community at large before their interest. a decent leader possesses qualities like self-confidence, commitment, passion, good communication, and leadership skills but a good leader focuses beyond all this.

They adopt a ‘give no excuses and accept the mistake’ approach to successfully transit a bunch of collective individuals to a team of successful professionals. They lead by example! In challenging adverse business situations when everything goes wrong, rather than playing the blame game, gossiping, bad-mouthing the government/economy/employees/creditors/misfortunes, avoiding, refusing or delaying the matter great leaders take 100% personal responsibility by accepting that everyone the mistakes are mine and selecting to deal with the predicament and take sole accountability (even financial) of fixing the quandary.

Trust me, only then, they may find solutions, solve the matter and within some years, they’ll take their company to new heights” Great leaders accept there’s an issue, own the matter, attempt to find multiple solutions but select the foremost suitable one, implement it and confirm that they do not repeat the identical mistake twice.

  • The Biggest Risk isn’t taking one!

There is one important skill that distinguishes dynamic leaders from average ones- it’s their affirmative capability of Risk Taking. there’s an immediate positive relationship between risk-bearing and entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurship is about identifying your passion, taking a rational risk and exploring opportunities others don’t see. Risk-taking pushes you to think and act outside your temperature without which you become torpid, conventional and content”.Fear of — change, failure, not being ok, inadequacy, uncertainty, rejections, being judged are some reasons why people avoid taking a risk but not taking a risk is that the biggest risk of tired life. Risk-takers aren’t random gamblers. Taking a calculated risk that’s reasonable, sensible and rational is extremely vital to achieving your required goals. Good decisions are made supported by intelligent data and institutions. it’s necessary to explore all the options/ alternatives before making any decisions.

They’re well conversant in the very fact that sometimes risk might not financially pay off well but offers immense opportunity to find out, grow and enhance your competencies. Additionally, to the present, risk-taking helps us in discovering unfamiliar areas within and outdoors the organization, inspiring ingenious thinking, finding innovative solutions to an existing problem and even overcoming fear of failure. Risk-taking is horrifying by as said, “If it’s not scary it’s not worth doing”.

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